Little Brother By Cory Doctorow. 9780007288427 £2.04 

The First Men in the Moon and A Modern Utopia New Book Free UK Postage £2.99 

Darwin's Children By Greg Bear. 9780002257329 £2.75 

The Well of Lost Plots By Jasper Fforde. 9780340825921 £2.8 

The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next 3) By Jasper Fforde. 9780340825969 £2.94 

The Descent By Jeff Long. 9781857989298 £2.8 

Savant By James Follett. 9780749311391 £2.75 

Soon By Jerry B. Jenkins. 9780340862483 £2.8 

LITTLE GREEN MEN By Christopher Buckley. 9780749005054 £2.8 

Wind on Fire Trilogy Series 3 Books Collection Set by William Nicholson New Pack £16.99 

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide By Justin Richards £2.75 

Idlewild By Nick Sagan. 9780593051900 £2.75 

Slaughtermatic By Steve Aylett. 9780753807408 £2.75 

Weapons of Choice: World War 2.1 (Axis of Time Trilogy 1) By John Birmingham £2.8 

Parasite Eve By Sena,Hideaki £42.74 

Murder in Manhattan: A Mystery Puzzle Book (Mystery Puzzle Books) By Simon Melh £2.8 

Oaths and Miracles By Nancy Kress £2.75 

Saviour's Gate By Tim Sebastian. 9780671717148 £2.8 

First Contact (Star Trek: The Next Generation) By J M Dillard £2.8 

The Settling (Doctor Who) By Simon Guerrier £14.9