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The Psychopath Test By Jon Ronson. 9780330492263 £2.8 

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What If?: Alternate Strategies of World War II £2.96 

Scottish Coins - A history of small change in Scotland £5.0 

Official Story of the Civil Defence Of Britain FRONT LINE 1940-41+Illustrated £9.99 

Under Fire By Dan Cruickshank,David Vincent £2.8 

Our Hidden Lives: The Everyday Diaries of a Forgotten Britain B .9780091896959 £2.8 

The Battle of Britain By Alfred Price £2.8 

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Two Men in a Trench: Battlefield Archaeology - The Key to Unlocking the Past By £2.8 

China and the Legacy of Deng Xiaoping: From Communist Revolution to Capitalist £2.83 

Visiting The Fallen - Arras South Hughes Peter 9781473825581 £18.75 

Timeline of War By Rod Nicholls £2.8